This blog is a statically rendered blog, by using hugo/netlify and a few other technologies. In a nutshell there is a repo: which contains the markup for reach blogpost ( this blogpost for example can be found here)

So if you think i fucked up on some article, made a mistake - or you know a better explanation and wish to share it with others feel free to create a pull request on a seperate branch.

How to best understand this? correct - with an example


So i wanted to do a quick edit to the blog anyways to add a little link to each article, which allows to you to create an issue on the github repo ( for questions etc ). the change looks like this and adds a link to creating a github issue to each blogpost

Create Issue at Github

So to get started we go to edit the file in question:

We create a commit with the changes we want to make and give it a description

Create Commit at Github

And then we create a pull request:

Create PR at Github

Then on my side it does build a preview of that change so i can view/test/approve it.

Create PR at Github

After the Pull Request has been merged it will be pushed to production automatically.