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Last year I wrote a small article with a few pictures i took from last year`s build. Now with the beginning of 2016 we are building a new pfsense. This time without the case extension and without the hard disk. This time we are booting from a usb stick.


The Parts

We are using these components:

total 171.82 EUR ( prices 2016/02/01 )
Optional case extension for hard disk

The Build

In this Video you can see the firewall built.


The Installation of pfsense

Installation of the operating system which can be found @

Configuration of the base settings.

Creation of a firewall rule.

Installation of squid 3.

Installation of squidguard

  • blacklist:

writeup of pfsense+squid 3+squidguard




A user on youtube pointed out not to use a usb stick as a persistent data storage. In my scenario the pfsense is only acting as a vpn uplink to another pfsense. All it does is routing so there is almost no Input/Output happening on the stick. If you plan on caching things locally ( like loggin the traffic, using a proxy with a cache etc ) on this storage I suggest you to buy the hdd extension for this case and put in a disk or ssd


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